Our goal is to help Christian publishers reach the largest number of people with life-changing messages.  To do this we provide the following services:

Strategic Planning

  •  Professional assessment of each project
  •  Tailored strategy for key books and authors
  •  Budgeting and financial controls
  •  Copyright, trademark and design rights management 

Marketing and Sales

  • Regular contact with publishers
  • Effective presentation of publishing projects
  • Personal representation at world-class international book and publishing events
  • Book club sales and licensing
  • International sales
  • Analysis of international publishing and rights marketing trends

Contracts and Licensing

  • Creating and negotiating rights licensing agreements
  • Defining rights and territories
  • Compliance and protection of rights

General Administration

  •  Sales and royalty reporting
  • Effective coordination with departments, particularly editorial and production
  • Customer\Client relations

We take a consultative approach to each opportunity. In cases where our client will benefit from expertise outside of our own, we have an extensive network of publishing professionals on which to draw for our clients' benefit. We are constantly analyzing key trends and events in the international and subsidiary rights marketplace so that we can provide the highest relevant counsel on the implications for our publishing clients.